Nahskwell stand up paddle construction team spirit


Chacun de nos shapes est le résultat d’un processus de développement complet.

Naskwell is a world apart in serial board making.
We build our boards in Tunisia using a different technology.

Each floater is made starting from a pre-shaped foam log, wrapped in fiberglass or carbon, wood or PVC plating, and epoxy.
Everything is laid out at once and compressed in a mold, then heated up to high temperature to polymerize the resin and insure mechanical quality to the composite sandwich that results.

A second heat phase is necessary to create the strength and lightness ratio superior to any other types of sandwich construction.

We also have many other little tricks and secret techniques to reinforce our floaters where they need to be. We do not feel the need to show you schemes and templates of boards wrapped with a multitude of clothes adorned with technical abbreviations to persuade you that our boards are well built.
“They are light and solid” and that is what our clients say.


R&D process

Ideas and research

The process of creating a stand up paddle board results from a watch and permanent exchanges between the member of Nahskwell headquarter. Future trends, user needs, everything is taken considered when setting the axes of a permanent development of ranges.

Development & design

We carry as many prototypes as needed, until the shape of the board perfectly matches the specifications that we have defined. It is the same design and accessories that fit squarely in shape and the board program.

Revelation and Smiles

The launch of a new model is necessarily a phase of stress for Nahskwell team. Listening to feedback, nothing gives us more pleasure than to see the smile of a rider coming to do his best session of Stand Up Paddle on our latest innovation.

One Shot Sandwich Epoxy

A process leading a really balanced result between solidity and lightweight, with a maximum respect of the original shape.

One Shot Sandwich Carbon

Using the same process than OSSE, but 100% Carbon, this results to a really strong, nervous and ultra light construction.

Custom Pro Finish

A light-weight and reactive construction destinated to approach the original surfboards feeling. 

Custom Pro Finish Carbon

Process almost identical to the CPF in Carbon / PVC versions. You will not find anything as responsive and lightweight that this construction.