There is an “Official” Nahskwell Team, and there are the others, you, the riders “of the shadow” that surf or paddle on stand up paddle Nahskwell, every day, whatever the spot, the conditions.

You yourselves post pictures of your sessions on Facebook, Instagram, allowing us to share your wave or race sessions with you, to our greatest pleasure.

It is you we want to thank through this little news, publishing here a selection of photos that we could find on the Internet.
All are not there, this is just a selection, our apologies for those who do not see themselves in action here!

Again thank you if Nahskwell SUP exists is thanks to you! You are all Nahskwell riders!

Continue to share your photos ou vidéos, on ou page Facebook, or on Instagram (@Nahskwell, #Nahskwell) !

Antoine Lemaire Nahskwell Surf


Session en 8.7 en Vendée ce Week-end , Que du bonheur !Posted by Xavier Leleu on Tuesday, March 10, 2015

NAHSKWELL en MARTINIQUE Posted by Jacques Gueylard on Wednesday, January 21, 2015

med on fire , ca fait plaisir avec la surf 9.2 , session o top Posted by Docteur Gliss on Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Daniele Dickmann sur sa Nahskell Scow

Une photo publiée par Rominou ! (@romain.azr) le

Christophe Verger Nahskwell Surf 8'7 Carbon

There’s a new girl at home. #SUP #Nahskwell #Fit #Iletaittemps #Vivementlapaggaie #Fulljoie #11piedsdekiffe

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