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Nahskwell stand up paddle sweden wordlwide Prism Surf Jens Gullstrand stand up paddle SUP
Nahskwell in Sweden
21 April 2016

Sweden is a beautiful place, beated by waves all along the year. During the winter, it requires a good motivation to…

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Joseph Gueguen on its Scow Mk2 14′
21 March 2016

Our Team leader race Joseph Gueguen found a little paradise in North Brittany Coast  to go training on its Nahskwell Scow Mk2…

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Romain Lozano on the Gold Coast
17 March 2016

Roman Lozano is part of our young team-riders who the rips in SUP and surf practices. Based on the Gold Coast…

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Jela’Bra Moroccan Vibes
9 February 2016

Alex Kersaudy is at Hawaii actually for the SUWT Sunset. Waiting for some pictures about his performances on the North Shore,…

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Nahskwell Alex Kersaudy Ep.2
Alex Kersaudy EP.2
18 August 2015

Alex Kersaudy, team rider Nahskwell, is a pur waverider, performing in Stand Up Paddle surf as in Surf shortboard or longboard….

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Nahskwell training SUP bumpees Yann Le jeune stand up paddle fitness
Challenge Max burpees ! 1 paddle to win !
6 July 2015

Yann Le Jeune is a personal coach trainer with who we developed the Nahskwell Training concept. He propose you a funny…

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You all are Nahskwell riders !
30 April 2015

There is an “Official” Nahskwell Team, and there are the others, you, the riders “of the shadow” that surf or paddle…

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Ales Kersaudy’s Video
13 January 2015

Alex Kersaudy nous présente sa première vidéo en stand up paddle armé de sa toute nouvelle Nahskwell 7’4 Surf High Voltage…

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2014 Nautic SUP Paris Crossing
9 December 2014

The 2014 Nautic SUP Paris Crossing took place on Sunday, December 6th as the Paris Salon Nautique was unraveling. More than…

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Green Miss trailer !
14 October 2014

Here’s the first trailer of the Miss Green video in which we can see Lily discover the stand up paddle on…

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Welcome Lucia !
9 October 2014

We at NahSkwell are happy to welcome pro surfer Lucia Matiño as our newest team member. Lucia is from Gijon, north…

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Nahskwell and Monkeys !
10 September 2014 is a charity organization working to save the Howler monkeys of Costa Rica. Within the last ten years, over 40%…

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1st french beach race of the year
14 January 2014

Grégoire and Valérie Vitry enterred the 2014 1st Beach race last weekend. Greg got a nice 9th place and Valérie took…

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Capifornia !
3 August 2012

Sunny and glassy afternoon, perfect to cruise along the french britany coast with good friends, even if they have never experienced…

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Madone loves Nahskwell !
13 September 2011

What a surprise discovering an advertising of Madone brand sewing to see a 8’8″ Nahskwell on the rear deck of a…

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Get Up DVD
10 September 2011

Pour ceux qui ne sont pas au courant, le magazine Get up mag a aussi sa version DVD. Le premier volet,…

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