Fit Series

Concept :

Fit Series NahskwellThe Fit series boards are ideal to really discover the joy of paddling and achieve the fluid stroke that provides this wonderful feeling of well being unique to this sport.
With its displacement bow, the FIT glides with no effort. It picks up speed in the swell and begins to surf at the first sign of undulation.
The wide tail of the FIT 11’ and 12’ responds gently to foot pressure and allows easy maneuvering in small waves.
The Fit 12’6 brings the “race” feel to the practice while providing a superior handling in trickier weather conditions.

Shape :

Displacement bow, double concave with a long progressive V.
The double concave frees up the bow and directs the water flow.
A more rounded rail towards the bow maximizes the gliding effect in all sea conditions.
The rocker is kicked up aft to improve the water exit and enhance maneuverability.


Finitions disponibles : Wood / Paint

ModelWidthThicknessVolume LtsWeight KgsConstructionFins
Fit 11’ (335cm)30" 3/45" 1/322012,8OSSESingle 27 cm US
Fit 12' (365cm)30" 1/25" 1/223013OSSESingle 27 cm US