Great success for the 2012 edition of the Nah Skwell Trophy during the Grand Prix GUYADER !

Nah Skwell thanks all competitors for their fair play & spirit !

After a technical and spectacular 8,5km beach race and a beautiful 15km downwind the winners are:

men: Eric Terrien

women: Sophie Routaboul

youth: Arthur Daniel


Beach race men:

1st Eric Terrien – 2nd Gaétan Séné – 3rd Yoann Cornelis – 4th Grégory Closier – 5th Arthur Daniel – 6th Diaz Belar – 7th Renaud Noyelle – 8th Mathieu Carpentier – 9th Sebastien Cattelan – 10th Amaury Dormet


1st Sophie Routaboul – 2nd  Cecile Gondre – 3rd Anne Crozet

Downwind Men:

1st Eric terrien 1h33 – 2nd Gaétan Séné (+ 1’18) – 3rd Grégory Closier (+1’20) – 4th Yoann Cornélis (+4’10) – 5th Arthur Daniel (+5′) – 6th Sebastian Cattelan (+5’05) – 7th Diaz Belar (+5’53) – 8th Alex Grégoire (+6’27) – 9th Amaury Dormet (+6’30) – 10th Sebastien Gramont (+7’17)


1st Marie-Joelle Lancquetot 1h54’44 – 2nd Sophie Routaboul (+33s) – 3rd Cecile Gondre (+8’10)

Pro-AM 4km

1st Nicolas Le Guern  – 2nd Erwann Blanchard – 3rd Camille Le Corre

Many thanks to all volunteers, Guyader, Notik Surf shop for the prizes on the Pro-Am and all riders.

Merci à tous les bénévoles, Guyader, Notik Surf Shop pour les lots de la Pro-Am et à tous les riders.

Photos Loic Olivier



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