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Fantastic Stand up Paddle Boards and Accessories.

  • Nahskwell stand up paddle spirit surfing plage vagues SUP surf

    Welcome to the Nahskwell World

    Since 2008, Nahskwell range reflects our desire to propose you the best stand up paddle boards ever, in the image of our curiosity for all disciplines of stand up paddle.
    From radical wave to fitness training, through the race, a complete line awaits, matching all sizes and at all levels for all spots around the world.

Nahskwell Latest news

Nahskwell Alex Kersaudy Ep.2

Alex Kersaudy EP.2

Alex Kersaudy, team rider Nahskwell, is a pur waverider, performing in Stand Up Paddle surf as in Surf shortboard or longboard....

Nahskwell training SUP bumpees Yann Le jeune stand up paddle fitness

Challenge Max burpees ! 1 paddle to win !

Yann Le Jeune is a personal coach trainer with who we developed the Nahskwell Training concept. He propose you a funny...

Burgy Christophe Verger

You all are Nahskwell riders !

There is an “Official” Nahskwell Team, and there are the others, you, the riders “of the shadow” that surf or paddle...

  • Nahskwell training SUP 2016 Stand up paddle fitness

    Nahskwell Training Concept

    A unique and innovative concept: a board designed to achieve an infinite number of training workout on the water.

Nahskwell stand up paddle spirit surfing plage vagues SUP surf

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An Optimal Construction

Our boards have an unique and long made reliable manufacturing processes.

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